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Gas Fired Hot Water and Steam Residential Boilers

August 19, 2010admin 4 Comments »

All residential boilers can be devided in few easy categories.
First is what type of fuel boiler used to create heat? It is 4 major types:

Gas Fired Boiler- These boilers can be fueled either with Natural Gas or Propane.
Oil Fired Boiler- These boilers can be fueled with oil.
Electric Boiler- These boilers use electricity to heat the [...]

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What Burnham Hydronics has to offer

December 24, 2009admin 9 Comments »

Burnham Hydronics has one of the broadest offerings in the industry. Many of the boilers offered from Burnham meet the government’s ENERGY STAR Guidelines. Burnham offers its customers: Cast Iron Hot Water Boilers, High Efficiency Boilers, Indirect Fired Water Heaters, Steam Boilers, as well as heat distribution and controls.
You can checkout everything that Burnham Hydronics [...]

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Burnham Alpine ALP High Efficiency 95% Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers

October 21, 2009admin 5 Comments »



Introducing the
Alpine ALP
from Burnham, a
condensing boiler
with efficiency ratings of 95%. The
Alpine ALP utilizes a stainless steel heat exchanger, designed to extract maximum heat from the combustion process, along with a control system that is designed to enhance boiler efficiency as well as system efficiency. With 7 different models ranging in size from [...]

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Home Heating Tips

October 13, 2009admin 3 Comments »

If you’re investigating a heating system for your new home, you are making a decision that will affect your comfort, health and the cost of running your household for years to come. So, you owe it to yourself and your family to consider the many advantages of automatic hot water heating (generally referred to as [...]

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