Gas Fired Hot Water and Steam Residential Boilers

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All residential boilers can be devided in few easy categories.
First is what type of fuel boiler used to create heat? It is 4 major types:
  1. Gas Fired Boiler- These boilers can be fueled either with Natural Gas or Propane.
  2. Oil Fired Boiler- These boilers can be fueled with oil.
  3. Electric Boiler- These boilers use electricity to heat the water in your heating system.
  4. Biomass Boiler – These boiler can be fueled with wood, coal, corn cubs and these type of boilers consider as Green Boilers.

Second is what is efficiency rates of the boiler:

  1. Mid Efficiency 80%+ Heating Boilers – Most common boilers in USA. They have Cast Iron Heat Exchangers, easy to use and service but not really great money saver in the long run. These type of boilers are best for high temperature hot water heating applications like old classic style cast iron radiators.
  2. High Efficiency 90%+ Heating Boilers – Fastest growing portion of heating for your house. Best for applications as Radiant Heat, Snow Melt, Low Temperature Heating and much much more.

Burnham Boilers are present in all these areas of hydronic heating systems.

Here is few examples of Burnham product line form – leading manufacture of boilers with long and great history:

Burnham Mid Efficiency Cast Iron Hot Water Boilers
SCG and PVG – Energy Star Rated, Gas Fired Water Boilers

PVG and SCG series boilers are simple to install, and require very little service and maintenance – especially compared to higher-efficiency condensing boilers. This can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in up-front installation costs, as well as several hundred dollars a year in maintenance and tune-up’s. Factoring in installation, annual service, and fuel usage – over time the operating costs of the SCG and PVG may be well below those of condensing boilers. While low temperature radiant heat systems are becoming more popular in newer buildings, many still utilize baseboard heat, convectors, air handlers. & indirect water heaters – which generally require higher water temperatures. Cast iron boilers are the best choice for these applications. The PVG and SCG deliver the winning combination of efficiency and durability in high-temp heating applications.

Burnham Mid Efficiency Cast Iron Hot Water Boiler key Features:
  • 85+% AFUE (5 sizes) ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • 70 to 280 MBH in 7 Sizes
  • Rugged Cast Iron Sectional Design
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • PVG – Power Vented, SCG – Sealed Combustion Venting
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Burnham Series 2 Boilers – The Best Selling Gas Boiler In America!

Since it’s introduction over 20 years ago, the Series 2 has earned a reputation for safety, reliability and durability. With a robust cast iron heat exchanger, long lasting stainless steel burners, over two decades of refinement, and over two million installed in North America, the Series 2 remains one of the most popular choices for those seeking a reliable, long-lasting gas boiler.

Burnham Series 2 Boilers key Features:
  • AFUE Up to 84%
  • Natural Draft
  • Natural or LP Gas 38 – 299 MBH (14 sizes)
  • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger, 2–10 Sections
  • Direct Replacement for Thousands of Existing Boiler Installations
  • Solid, Reliable, Time-Tested Design
  • Standing Pilot or Electronic Ignition
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Burnham Alpine Boilers – Peak Performance for Hydronic and Radiant Heating.

Introducing the Alpine from Burnham, a condensing boiler with efficiency ratings of 95%. The Alpine utilizes a stainless steel heat exchanger, designed to extract maximum heat from the combustion process, along with a control system that is designed to enhance boiler efficiency as well as system efficiency. With 7 different models ranging in size from 80,000 BTUs – 500,000 BTUs, there’s a model for nearly every job from small residential to light commercial installations. Intelligent features are wrapped in a sleek, modern appliance-like jacket, making the Alpine both attractive and smart.

Burnham Alpine Boilers key Features:
  • 95% AFUE – High Efficiency
  • Seven Sizes: 80 – 500 MBH for Residential & Commercial Applications
  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger for use with Natural or Propane Gas (up to 10,200 ft.)
  • Multiple Venting Options specific needs.
  • CPVC/PVC venting (standard)
  • Polypropylene concentric (optional)
  • Stainless steel 2-pipe (optional)
  • Fully Modulating (5-to-1 turndown and includes outdoor reset)
  • Sage2 Boiler Control System with touchscreen interface
  • Modern, appliance-like design with gas, water, & electric connections on left side
  • Polypropylene Condensate Trap with Integral Float Switch (patent pending)
  • Stackable for Modular Applications
  • Wall Mounted Models Available

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